Co-live with other startup founders, while participating in entrepreneurship programming. Apply now to join one of our co-living cohorts!

Live Awesomely in Austin TX. Here’s How Co-Living at DSH Works:

Entrepreneurs selected to participate in our entrepreneur co-living program will live in one of our two co-living properties in Austin, TX and will share the house with other entrepreneurs and DSH Accelerator Portfolio companies. This program does not include investment, but allows you to partake in many of our accelerator workshops, listen in on speakers, and sign up for VC office hours.

Co-living Participants must stay for the duration of each program. If you are a bootstrapped founder who is interested in exchanging equity for housing and programming, this is an option you can select in the application.


A single room to yourself for just $2500/mo!

  • Enjoy your own private queen bedroom.

Shared bunk rooms for only $900/mo!

  • Live in a shared co-ed dorm room with other founders. Twin/twin bunk beds provided.

2022 Available Dates

Pilot Program:
January 23-February 26, 2022

1 Month Programs:
August 1-September 2, 2022
April 3-May 5, 2023

Living Room of DSH Austin Co-Living House
Bedroom of DSH Austin Co Living House
Fully Equipped Kitchen at DSH Austin Co-Living House
Pool & Deck at DSH Austin Co-Living House
rooftop deck at DSH Austin's Coliving House 2
kitchen at dsh austin coliving house 2
breakfast nook at DSH Austin's Coliving House 2
private bedroom at DSH Austin's Coliving House 2

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Got Questions? Check Out Our FAQS.

Who is a good fit for the co-living entrepreneurship program?

Startup founders and builders will get the most value out of this opportunity. If you are eager to learn, excited to explore a new city and love being around a community of other founders and creators, this is for you.

Do I get to participate in the full accelerator program?

You will be living with DSH Accelerator portfolio companies who are going through the full accelerator program. While you will be included in most of the activities, there will be some that you will not be included in or that will cost additional money to attend.

Do I get investment if I participate?

No. This program does not mean that you were accepted into the accelerator program, and there is no investment that will be made in your company for attending. There is a chance you could receive investment in the future, but it is not guaranteed.

Do I have to share a room with other people?

It depends on if you select and pay for a shared room or a private room. Most bathrooms will be shared and the rooms/beds are first come first served.

What types of people will be living in the house with me?

Other founders, entrepreneurs, creators and ecosystem builders. Not everyone will have their own company, but everyone will be dedicated to building great companies whether that be through a unique skillset or other valuable traits.

Is it co-ed?

Yes, dorm rooms and houses will be co-ed. Everyone is welcome!

Can I choose specific dates to live in the house that are not the full program length?

No, you cannot pick and choose which days during the program you want to live in the house and attend. You must pay for the entire program, but if you decide to skip activities, travel during the program or cut your time short that is ok. You will still be charged the full program rate.

What does the cost include?

The cost includes your accommodations, along with programming fees.

Do I get to choose my own room or which house in the compound I will live in?

You get to choose whether you will be in a private or shared room, but beyond that, the houses and rooms themselves will be first come, first served.

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