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Lil Bucks: Meet Your New Favorite Superfood

By October 14, 2021January 18th, 2022DSH Stories

Lil Bucks: Meet Your New Favorite Superfood

Pitch Please Episode #005

Emily Griffith, Founder of Lil Bucks

Emily Griffith, Founder of Lil Bucks

Pitch Please powered by Draper Startup House is the podcast that gives listeners a look inside meetings between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Take a seat at the table as startup founders pitch their businesses to seasoned VCs in the hope of receiving investment. Follow along and choose which startups you would fund, then get the chance to support them yourself. Learn what questions are asked, how investors choose founders to back, and what it takes to get to YES!

On our fifth episode, we are joined by the Founder of Lil Bucks, Emily Griffith, and Senior Analyst at Mercury Fund, Tom Jackson. Lil Bucks introduces the lil’ superseded with huge benefits, buckwheat; America’s new favorite superfood. Already a popular superfood in Australia, sprouted buckwheat plays at the intersection of macro trends, offering taste, texture, and nutrition. A healthy alternative to granola. A game-changing crunchy topper. Welcome to your new obsession!

Lil Bucks has been a hit, featured on The New York Times, Forbes, NPR, and Entrepreneur, but here’s what some consumers had to say:

“I am so excited to have found a new protein and fiber source that is really tasty. I add Lil Bucks to my cashew yogurt, salads and I even put it in my soup, It has a wonderful crunch that makes everything taste better.” -Anonymous

“I LOVE Lil Bucks! I love eating healthy and this has it all…good nutrition, organic, protein, gluten-free and has a great crunch!” -Anonymous

“Lil Bucks are the highlight of my breakfast. LOVE putting these on top of my smoothie in the AM. Great taste with a little crunch to get extra protein and make my smoothie a meal. HIGHLY recommend!” -Anonymous

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Support Lil Bucks by checking out their crowdfunding campaign and ordering some clusterbucks on their site!

Mercury Fund is an early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on entrepreneurs and technology innovation originating in the U.S Midcontinent. Their investment themes target SaaS, Cloud, and Data Science/Al platforms that make the markets and industries of Middle America more competitive and efficient. Follow Tom Jackson on Twitter or send your pitch deck to

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