We’ve made it our mission to find the next generation of great companies around the world. DSH Accelerator fosters and funds early stage startups — providing an environment, where passion, creativity and a desire to change the world collide.

We’re on the Lookout for the World’s Next Unicorns

From our roots in Draper Startup House to our collaboration with the Draper Venture Network, Draper University & “Meet the Drapers”, we know firsthand what it takes for startups to succeed. Early opportunities, access to funding, the right mentors, and a creative environment for fostering and growing great ideas into phenomenal businesses, can often be deciding factors on whether a company ever gets off the ground.

Our startup accelerators take place in Austin TX, home to a vibrant startup culture.

We look for:

  • Exceptional People
  • Extraordinary, Out-of-the-Box and Unconventional Ideas
  • Startups across all industries

Are you the world’s next unicorn?

An Overview of Our Accelerator Programs

10 startups will be chosen for each cohort. Participants will live amongst other entrepreneurs to foster innovation and an expansion of ideas.

Through our startup accelerator programs, you’ll gain the resources, tools and experiences you need to take your company to the next level. Got questions? Check out our FAQs.

One month in Austin, Texas
Pillow included: Live on-site in our own co-living locations
Up to US $100K investment for selected teams
Get mentored by industry leaders
Learn from top CEOs & founders from around the world
No boring lectures! Team-learning experiences

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The Adventure Starts Here

Congratulations to one of our first portfolio companies @cityguyd & @naor92 on a successful launch at @gardensbythebay in Singapore! Can’t wait to see this explode! 🚀 ...

Who’s coming with us?

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Pipedream is building a network of underground tunnels to facilitate fast, autonomous deliveries in order to achieve 30 second delivery times this decade. In order to achieve this, they're starting by building a high-speed middle mile system in cities, in order to augment delivery companies current networks and reduce the cost of delivery.

Coop is on a mission to democratize chickens and build the largest decentralized food production network. Their team spent the last 9 months working with the designers of Nest thermostat to build the Coop and just took delivery of the alpha prototype. Founder sold last company (Icracked) to Allstate. 

Airbound is building the largest drone network for delivering blood and medical supplies to remote areas of the world. Through their custom-built novel airframe that's 10x smaller and lighter than the industry standard, they’re able to leverage SMEs instead of warehouses, allowing them to scale with 0 infrastructure costs and no onsite staff.

TWO12 is democratizing access to cap table management software for the startup industry. Two12 helps founders reduce dilution and maximize control. Spreadsheets are failing founders, causing them to make costly mistakes, and holding back our industry. Spreadsheets are inaccurate, expensive, time consuming, hard to use, bespoke, and opaque, siloed, and most importantly - unconnected.

Aphelion Aerospace is building an on-demand taxi service to space from anywhere in the world through the use of their patent pending green propulsion technology. The founders are ex-NASA, SpaceX, and Lockheed Martin.

Come hang with the startup house Thursday, August 18 from 5-7PM at Lustre Pearl East. First drinks on us! -> must RSVP through link in bio.

Shoutout to @vlogmi for capturing the energy of the ATX house 🔥

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